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7097 9780521704656
A Death in Oxford

MacAndrew, Richard

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ELT - A0 - Starter Easy Readers - Starter Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Starter/Beginner - Book + 1 CD
When Dr Leighton is murdered Inspector Frank Williams and Sergeant Kate Miller set out to track down her killer. Was it her husband, her son or her colleague? All had reasons to hate her but which one killed her?

A Little Princess

Burnett, France Hodgson

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Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Bookworms - Stage 1 - 400 headwords.
1 audio CD + 1 book

Sara Crewe is a very rich little girl. She first comes to England when she is seven, and her father takes her to Miss Minchin's school in London. Then he goes back to his work in India. Sara is very sad at first, but she soon makes friends at school. But on her eleventh birthday, something terrible happens, and now Sara has no family, no home, and not a penny in the world ...
Suitable for Young Readers

5555 macandrewlittlecup
A Little Trouble in Dublin

MacAndrew, Richard

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Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Beginner/Elementary (A1). 1 book + a CD-ROM/Audio CD with vocabulary games and complete text recordings.
Twins, Andy and Mary, are in Dublin on a school trip. When Mary discovers that she has been given a forged €20 note, she thinks she knows the identity of the forger. The twins start to investigate, but it soon becomes clear that the forgers know who Andy and Mary are too.

7101 9780521686280
Bad Love

Leather, Sue

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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

Beginner/Elementary (A1) - Book + 1 CD
Detective Flick Laine meets handsome Dr Jack Daly at a party in Denver, USA.
When Daly calls later, inviting her to meet him to 'talk about something', she accepts. But before they can talk, the doctor is found dead in an apparent case of suicide. Flick is put in charge of the investigation.
How did the doctor die? And what has love to do with it?

Blood Diamonds

MacAndrew, Richard

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Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Beginner/Elementary level (A1) Book + 1 CD - British English. Van Delft is a businessman. He buys and sells things in many countries. But some people think he also buys ans sells guns... and diamonds. Kirkpatrick and Shepherd are two journalists. They are writing a front-page story - about blood diamonds. Is Van Delft the man they want?

Bookworms Club Bronze - Stories for reading Circles

Furr, Mark (Ed).

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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

In these seven short stories there are marriages and murder, mistakes and mysteries. People fall in love, and fall out of love; they argue, and talk, and laugh, and cry. They go travelling, they go dancing - they even see ghosts. All of human life is there...
- Faik, S. The horse of death
- Ural, Y. The Little Hunters at the Lake
- Bassett, J. Mr Harris and the Night Train
- Escott. Sister Love
- Bassett, J. Omega File 349: London, England
- Henry, O. Tildy's Moment
- Hardy, T. Andre, Jane, the Parson, and the Fox

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Bugaboo The Wicked Witch

Ivaldi, Cristina

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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

Earlyreads - Level 3
This is a story about a witch who is so stupid that she is actually harmless! She becomes extremely dangerous however, when a blow to her head turns her into a good witch. There is nothing worse than a very stupid person who wants to do good, particularly if she has magic powers on her side!
- Clear illustrations for immediate comprehension
- Games and activities at the end of the book to involve friends and family and make learning really fun
- A recording of the text plus additional listening activities.
Suitable for Young Readers

9780194234207 mediumw
Drive into Danger

Border, Rosemary

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Easy Readers - Starter ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Starter - A1
I can drive a truck,' says Kim on her first day at work in the office. When Kim's passenger Andy finds something strange under the truck things get dangerous - very dangerous.

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Easy Games in English - Book 1

100 DKK
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ELT - A0 - Starter ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Encourage to learn and remember basic vocabulary. Ideal for classroom work, self-study or as a holiday activity book.
16 illustrated theme units introduce 10 new words which are then put into use in a series of three fun games: Matching, Crossword and Wordsearch.
A Wordlist is included at the back.

6546 101
Engelsk mini grammatik - Øvehæfte 1

Jacobsen, Jonas

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Grammar Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Den primære målgruppe er folkeskolens 4.-7. klassetrin, voksen- og aftenskoleundervisningen, herunder prøveforberedende undervisning. Som det gælder for hele serien, følger øvehæfte 1 i sin opbygning nøje grundbogen, engelsk mini grammatik. Det vil sige alfabetisk opbygning med side-til-side princippet. Til hver side i grundbogen hører således en side i øvehæfte 1 med samme sidetal for samme emne. Der anbefales en grundig gennemgang af det enkelte grammatiske emne i grundbogen, engelsk mini grammatik, før den tilsvarende side i øvehæftet præsenteres. Eleven gøres samtidig fortrolig med grundbogens og øvehæfternes fælles opbygning. Bagest i bogen findes en ordliste, engelsk-dansk og dansk-engelsk, som omfatter de fleste af de ord, eleverne kan få brug for i arbejdet med opgaverne.

W00990 01
English with Crosswords 1 + Interactive CD-ROM


110 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

The classic series of three activity books for Secondary School students, English with Crosswords, has an exciting new interactive component. The DVD-ROM generates new crosswords from the vocabulary banks, and automatically corrects and scores students’ performance. A simple click provides model pronunciation of each word. Used on the Interactive Whiteboard, the DVD-ROM introduces fun, ‘heads-up’ moments in class engaging everyone’s attention. The new edition continues to help today’s students widen their vocabulary related to everyday topics by offering a new, digital dimension. Ideal for use in schools’ multimedia centres, in class with the IWB or for self-study at home.
• Three levels from beginner to pre-intermediate.
• 14 themed units with 20 illustrated words.
• 70 crosswords.
• Themed wordlist at the back of each book.
• Interactive DVD-ROM.
• Ideal for the Interactive Whiteboard.

W00734 01
English with... games and activities (Elementary Level)

Carter, Paul

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ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

A wide variety of games to entertain and motivate students to broaden and consolidate their lexical and grammatical knowledge of the language.
• 14 themed units with over 20 illustrated words followed by games and activities to practise them.
• Answer Key included.

Essential Grammar in Use - 3rd.ed.- Edition with answers and CD-ROM

Murphy, Raymond

285 DKK
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Grammar ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary ELT - A2/B1 - Pre-Intermediate Engelsk

A self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English - with answers.
Essential Grammar in Use (fourth edition) a self-study reference and practice book for elementary-level learners (A1-B1), used by millions of people around the world. With clear examples, easy-to-follow exercises and answer key, the Fourth edition is perfect for independent study, covering all the areas of grammar that you will need at this level. The book has an easy-to-use format of two-page units with clear explanations of grammar points on the left-hand page, and practice exercises on the right. It also includes plenty of additional exercises and a Study Guide to help you find the grammar units you need to study.

9780194811972 medium
Family and Friends / Starter

Simmons, Naomi

240 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Family and Friends Starter Class Book plus Student Multi-ROM
Family and Friends Starter offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to young learners.
Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence.
The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English.
* Carefully graded reading and writing syllabus helps learners progress quickly from identifying and tracing letters to reading and writing simple sentences
* Step-by-step phonics programme introduces sounds in a fun way and supports the reading and writing syllabus
* Left-to-right progression practice helps children who use a non-Roman alphabet
* Varied activities in every unit and use of songs, chants, story role-playing and stickers make English memorable and suits different learning styles
* Extensive range of print and digital support materials for teachers, including tests and assessment Social and emotional skills are developed to educate the whole child through English

6541 7ff02d63bea6735256744e3808a49ba3
Gramdisc - Engelsk

Møller, Paulette

60 DKK
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ELT - A0 - Starter Grammar ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Gram Disc giver et hurtigt overblik over den engelske grammatik. Den kan bruges i den daglige undervisning når det tilegnede skal anvendes, men er også egnet som opslagsgrammatik til den afsluttende prøve.
Med Gram disc har Læs meredine elever en overskuelig opslagsgrammatik, som er særdeles velegnet til at tage med til den skritlige prøve i engelsk, eller bare at have ved hånden i det daglige arbejde.
Gram disc er nem at slå op i - der er nemlig ikke nogen sider eller paragraffer. Gram disc består af to skiver, som kan drejes, så man i små "ruder" kan se de hyppigst anvendte uregelmæssige verbers bøjning.
Gram disc indeholder
regelmæssige verber
hyppigst anvendte
uregelmæssige verber
bøjning af do
brug af "do" ved spørgende og nægtende sætninger
entals- og flertalsendelser og staveregler
hvornår der skal være stort begyndelsesbogstav
ubestemte stedord
påpegende stedord
den uregelmæssige bøjning
-ly endelsen
de mest almindelige præpositioner

7129 9780194247733 mediumw
Jake's Parrot

Hearn, Paul & Yetis Ozkan

145 DKK
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ELT - A0 - Starter Easy Readers - Starter Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

When Jake Stevens goes to work for some months in Ireland, he feels happy. He loves travelling, and talking about his job - making computer games for BananaTech in America.
'Your new game's going to be the best thing at the Irish Computer Games Show!' people at BananaTech Ireland tell him.
But living with a noisy parrot isn't easy, and when Jake asks the most beautiful girl at work out to dinner, she says 'no'.
Then someone steals Jake's game the night before the show. Who - or what - can help him to get it back?
This book is supported by a MultiROM, containing a complete dramatized audio recording of the story plus interactive activities.

2419 mosesjohncup
John Doe

Moses, Antoinette

85 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Level 1: Beginner/Elementary (A1)British English
1 book + 1 CD.

The man they call John Doe lies in a hospital bed. He watches and thinks but says nothing. The doctor wants to know who he is. But John Doe doesn't answer his questions. Then, after John Doe leaves hospital, the doctor finds out more about him than just his real name.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

120 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Bookworms - stage 1 - 400 headwords
1 Audio CD + 1 Book

Cedric Errol is seven years old. He lives with his mother in a little house in New York. They don't have much money, but mother and son are good friends. Cedric is a kind, friendly little boy, and everybody likes him. His farther was English, but he is now dead, and Cedric and his mother are alone in the world.
But one day a lawyer arrives from England with some very surprising news about Cedrics's grandfarther...
Suitable for Young Readers

9780194518697 mediumw
New English File - Beginner Student's Book

Oxenden, Clive & Christina Latham-Koenig

345 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Four-skills English course with fun lessons, digital resources and strong online support - loved by students and teachers at every level.
With texts and topics that make learners want to speak, New English File is the course that gets students talking.
It gives you full skills coverage with a clear focus on pronunciation, plus wide-ranging support and resources too.
Resources include iPacks and iTools (for interactive whiteboards), DVDs, MultiROMs, popular websites, plus Online Skills Practice material – completely new for 2011.

8240 9780194769129
New Headway - 4th. ed. - Elementary / student's book

Soars, Liz & John

350 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Student's Book + iTutor DVD-ROM
New features in the fourth edition include: 100% new grammar presentations; 100% new listening material; 100% new reading texts; 'Spoken English' and 'Music of English features; and more support for mixed ability classes.
With this Fourth edition you can now experience the trusted Headway methodology using the latest in classroom technology:
iTools bring the Fourth edition Student's Book and Workbook alive on the classroom wall, complete with interactive exercises, audio, video, and other teaching resources. The built-in tools like zoom, highlight and screen shade give you and your students a truly interactive teaching and learning experience. iTools also includes customizable flipcharts, wordlists and grammar reference to help you make the most of your Headway lessons.
iTutor is the digital companion to the Student's Book that allows students to revise, review and improve their English outside the classroom. To read more about iTutor and how it encourages learner autonomy, see the iTutor tab.
iChecker is a new digital resource, available to students with the Workbook. It contains all Workbook audio and practice tests to help students identify areas where they need more study. To learn more, see the iChecker tab.

New Headway - Beginner - Student's Book

Soars, John & Liz

330 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

New Headway Beginner Fourth Edition Student's Book and iTutor Pack
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
New and updated texts and topics
Integrated skills syllabus with a clear grammar focus
iTools – an all-in-one teaching resource for the interactive classroom
iTutor and iChecker – interactive self-study discs that come with the Student's Book and the Workbook
Full teacher support – resources, photocopiables, tests and more - online and in print
Brand new video content, available for students on iTutor with interactive exercises

5662 soarsnewhead.beg.b
New Headway Beginner - Student's Book - Part B/Units 8-14

Soars, Liz and John

160 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

5062 steinbeckmicepenguin
Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck, John

90 DKK
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Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Classic / American English - Level 2 - 600 headwords - Elementary - Book + CD
George and Lennie are friends and they have plans for the future. But Lennie is not very smart and he sometimes makes trouble. George wants to help him but that is not always easy.
Then one night, when Lennie is alone, something happens. What can George do now? Can he help - or is it too late?

One-Way Ticket

Jennifer Bassett

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

Oxford Bookworms Level 1 - 400 headwords. Book + CD
Tom Walsh had a lot to learn about life. He liked travelling, and he was in no hurry. He liked meeting people, anyone and everyone. He liked the two American girls on the train. They were nice and very friendly. They knew a lot of places.
Tom thought they were fun. Tom certainly had a lot to learn about life. This is a collection of short stories about adventures on trains.
Strange, wonderful, and frightening things can happen on trains - and all of them happen here.

8121 0194234479.01. sl130 sclzzzzzzz

Bullows, Phillip & Mark Foster

120 DKK
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ELT - A0 - Starter Easy Readers - Starter ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

When Tonya and her friends decide to sail around the world they want to see exciting things and visit exciting places.
But one day, they meet an orca - a killer whale - one of the most dangerous animals in the sea. And life gets a little too exciting.

5378 oxfpractgrammbasic
Oxford Practice Grammar w. Tests & Answers - Basic

Coe, Norman / M. Harrison & K. Paterson

230 DKK
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Grammar ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary ELT - A2/B1 - Pre-Intermediate Engelsk

The right explanations and practice for your language level, plus 100% more interactive practice on the NEW Practice-Boost CD-ROMs.

W00785 01
Pack your bag


170 DKK
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ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

A1 (Beginner to Elementary)
The players have to be the first to pack their bag with all the clothes and accessories on their list. Useable also as a bingo-style game, Pack your Bag helps students learn and reinforce language associated with clothing, set in the fun situation of preparing for a journey.
The box contains:
• 66 playing cards;
• 36 lists with the bingo cards on the reverse side;
• a teacher’s booklet.

8258 9780194249485 mediumw
Pebbles on the Beach

Raynham, Alex

135 DKK
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Easy Readers - Starter Easy Readers - Beginner ELT - A1 - Beginner Engelsk

Abby is a teenager, and doesn't talk much to her parents. Abby's dad works hard for an oil company, and Abby's mom doesn't like her friends. Then, on summer, Abby stays with her crazy Aunt May in California. Here - with Aunt May and her young neighbours Diego and Bianca - she learns to see things differently,. But, one night, there's an oil spill on the beautiful beach near their home.
What can Abby, her aunt, and the neighbours do ? And who answers Abby's call for more help? And how?

7035 9780194794374 mediumw
San Francisco

Hardy-Gould, Janet

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

'It's a good place for gold,' said people in the 1840s, and they came from all over the world. 'It's a good place for a prison,' said the US government in the 1920s, and they put Al Capone there on the island of Alcatraz. 'It's a good place for love,' said the hippies in the 1960s, and they put flowers in their hair and came to Haight Ashbury. And San Francisco is still a good place - to take a hundred photographs, or see the Chinatown parade, or just to sit in a coffee shop and be in this interesting, different city . . .

7310 9780194786119 mediumw
Shirley Homes and the Cyber Thief

Bassett, Jennifer

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary Engelsk

Bookworms - Starter (A1) - Audio CD Pack : Book + Complete Recorded text
Shirley Homes, private investigator. Like Sherlock Holmes a hundred years ago, she lives in London, enjoys working on difficult cases, and has some helpful friends. She understands people, is a good listener, and of course, she is clever with computers. In today's world that is important, because a lot of crime is cyber crime. In this second Shirley Homes detective story, Shirley must catch a cyber thief. But how? You can't see a cyber thief, you can't hear a cyber thief. Only the computer knows, and the computer isn't talking . . .