ELT - A1 - Beginner

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Family and Friends / Starter

Simmons, Naomi

240 DKK
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Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

Family and Friends Starter Class Book plus Student Multi-ROM
Family and Friends Starter offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to young learners.
Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence.
The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English.
* Carefully graded reading and writing syllabus helps learners progress quickly from identifying and tracing letters to reading and writing simple sentences
* Step-by-step phonics programme introduces sounds in a fun way and supports the reading and writing syllabus
* Left-to-right progression practice helps children who use a non-Roman alphabet
* Varied activities in every unit and use of songs, chants, story role-playing and stickers make English memorable and suits different learning styles
* Extensive range of print and digital support materials for teachers, including tests and assessment Social and emotional skills are developed to educate the whole child through English

New Headway - Beginner - Student's Book

Soars, John & Liz

330 DKK
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Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

New Headway Beginner Fourth Edition Student's Book and iTutor Pack
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
New and updated texts and topics
Integrated skills syllabus with a clear grammar focus
iTools – an all-in-one teaching resource for the interactive classroom
iTutor and iChecker – interactive self-study discs that come with the Student's Book and the Workbook
Full teacher support – resources, photocopiables, tests and more - online and in print
Brand new video content, available for students on iTutor with interactive exercises

New Headway Beginner - Student's Book - Part B/Units 8-14

Soars, Liz and John

160 DKK
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Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

New Headway - 4th. ed. - Elementary / student's book

Soars, Liz & John

350 DKK
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Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

Student's Book + iTutor DVD-ROM
New features in the fourth edition include: 100% new grammar presentations; 100% new listening material; 100% new reading texts; 'Spoken English' and 'Music of English features; and more support for mixed ability classes.
With this Fourth edition you can now experience the trusted Headway methodology using the latest in classroom technology:
iTools bring the Fourth edition Student's Book and Workbook alive on the classroom wall, complete with interactive exercises, audio, video, and other teaching resources. The built-in tools like zoom, highlight and screen shade give you and your students a truly interactive teaching and learning experience. iTools also includes customizable flipcharts, wordlists and grammar reference to help you make the most of your Headway lessons.
iTutor is the digital companion to the Student's Book that allows students to revise, review and improve their English outside the classroom. To read more about iTutor and how it encourages learner autonomy, see the iTutor tab.
iChecker is a new digital resource, available to students with the Workbook. It contains all Workbook audio and practice tests to help students identify areas where they need more study. To learn more, see the iChecker tab.

Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck, John

90 DKK
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Easy Readers - Elementary Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

TILBUD 30 DKK inkl. moms
Classic / American English - Level 2 - 600 headwords - Elementary - Book + CD
George and Lennie are friends and they have plans for the future. But Lennie is not very smart and he sometimes makes trouble. George wants to help him but that is not always easy.
Then one night, when Lennie is alone, something happens. What can George do now? Can he help - or is it too late?

The Elephant Man

Vicary, Tim

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

Oxford Bookworms 1 - 400 headwords - Book + Audio CD
He is not beautiful. His mother does not want him, children run away from him. People laugh at him, and call him 'The Elephant Man'.
someone speaks to him - and listens to him! At the age of 27, Joseph Merrick finds a friend for the first time in his life.
This is a true and tragic story. It is also a famous film.

The Murder of Mary Jones

Vicary, Tim

115 DKK
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ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary ELT - A1 - Beginner Easy Readers - Elementary Easy Readers - Beginner Engelsk

Bookworms 1 - 400 headwords.
1 Audio CD + 1 Book

At the start of this play, the court room is full for today's trial. Two young men, Simon Clark and Dan Smith, stand up. The clerk asks, 'Are you guilty of the murder of Mary Jones?' 'Not guilty!' they reply. But perhaps they are guilty. The police found the murder weapon in their stolen car, and there was blood on Simon's face. If the court finds them guilty, they will go to prison for a very long time.
Can the lawyers find out the truth, by asking the right questions? Everyone in court wants to know who murdered Mary Jones, especially her mother, and her boyfriend, Jim. You can help to find the answer, too!

The Piano Man

Vicary, Tim

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Elementary Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner ELT - A1/A2 - Elementary

Bookworms - Starter (A1-A2) - Audio CD Pack : Book + Complete Recorded text
A woman finds a man on a beach. He is very cold, his clothes are wet, and he cannot speak. The woman phones for help, and an ambulance comes and takes the man to hospital. In hospital they ask the man questions, but he does not answer. He still cannot speak - or does not want to speak.
Who is he, this strange man from the sea? What is his name? Where did he come from? And why do they call him the Piano Man?

White Death

Vicary, Tim

125 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

Bookworms - stage 1 - 400 headwords. 1 Audio CD + 1 Book.
Sarah Harland is nineteen, and shi is in prison. At the airport, they find heroin in her bag. So, now she is waiting to go to court. If the court decidesthat it was her heroin, then she must die. She says she did not do it. But if she did not, who did? Only two people can help Sarah: her mother and an old boyfriend who does not love her now. Can they work together? Can they find the real criminal before it is too late ?
Thriller & Adventure

The Canterville Ghost

Wilde, Oscar

80 DKK
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Easy Readers - Beginner Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

TILBUD 20 DKK inkl. moms
Oscar Wilde’s wonderfully satirical yet comical account of an American family living in England, has lent itself beautifully to adaptation in this book. Young children easily relate to the Otis twins, as they endeavour to frighten the Canterville Ghost. Children also become acquainted with a renowned Irish author, discover something about two different cultures, and learn English at the same time.

Easy Games in English - Book 1

100 DKK
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ELT - A0 - Starter Engelsk ELT - A1 - Beginner

Encourage to learn and remember basic vocabulary. Ideal for classroom work, self-study or as a holiday activity book.
16 illustrated theme units introduce 10 new words which are then put into use in a series of three fun games: Matching, Crossword and Wordsearch.
A Wordlist is included at the back.