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The Mysterious Death of Charles Bravo

Vicary, Tim

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Engelsk Easy Readers - Intermediate ELT - B1 - Intermediate- PET

Bookworms Stage 3 (B1). Audio CD Pack : Book + Complete Recorded text
Charles Bravo died from the poison antimony. He took three days to die, and the doctors could do nothing to help him.
There were three people who had reasons for wanting Charles Bravo dead - Florence Bravo herself, Charles Bravo's new young wife; Dr James Gully, Florence's former lover; and Mrs Jane Cox, Florence's friend and companion.
But the enquiry into the death in 1876 could not decide who the murderer was, and for more than 130 years people have wondered who did kill Charles Bravo ...

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wilde, Oscar

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Engelsk Easy Readers - Intermediate ELT - B1 - Intermediate- PET

‘A good portrait is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter. I am afraid I show my soul in this painting.’
Tag Fantasy
In this Reader you will find:
- Information about Oscar Wilde’s life
- Sections focusing on background and context
- Glossary of difficult words
- Comprehension activities
-style activities
- Exit test
Late nineteenth-century London: a city of contrasts. Great wealth and terrible poverty, beauty and ugliness, purity and immorality. Oscar Wilde takes the reader into this strange and fascinating world through the strange story of the picture of Dorian Gray. Young, handsome and innocent, the aristocratic Dorian is visiting his friend, the kind and gentle painter Basil Hallward, when he meets Lord Henry Wotton. Entertaining and cynical, Lord Henry introduces Dorian to the idea of a world where the only value is beauty, and everything must serve this ideal. But how can Dorian survive ageing and ugliness? In front of his beautiful portrait, painted by Hallward, Dorian makes a terrible wish. This wish will come true, dragging Dorian into a world of the senses, of beauty and joy, but also of terror, of fear and ultimately of murder…

The Importance of Being Earnest

Wilde, Oscar

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Engelsk Easy Readers - Intermediate Easy Readers - Upper-intermediate ELT - B1 - Intermediate- PET

B1.2 / Book (112 p.) + CD + App
Two men have secret lives. Two women want to marry a man called Earnest. But who is Earnest? Is he a badly behaved brother, the ideal fiancé or Lady Bracknell’s nephew and fun-loving bachelor, Algernon Moncrieff? Follow the incredible events that lead to the discovery of the importance of being Earnest in this adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s witty and highly entertaining play.
The dandy
Victorian values and morals

Oxford Living Grammar - Intermediate - w. answers + CD-ROM

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Grammar Engelsk ELT - B1 - Intermediate- PET

A three-level series where students learn and practise grammar in everyday contexts.
Oxford Living Grammar takes a practical approach to grammar. The four-page units provide clear explanations and information on when the grammar is used, followed by extensive practice. Each level includes an interactive CD-ROM.
Key features:
* Explanations include a 'Grammar in action' section which explains when the grammar is typically used.
* Exercises are contextualized so that students practise using the grammar in everyday situations.
* 'Word focus' boxes highlight interesting idiomatic expressions or words students might not be familiar with.
* An 'Over to you' task bank at the back of the book offers freer practice, and sample model answers.
* Modern, upbeat illustrations and exercises that apply grammar to real situations give the series a strong appeal to teenage and adult learners.
* Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels help prepare students for the KET exam; Intermediate prepares students for the PET exam.